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Handling rare guest issues professionally

Having used your company to manage our home for over a year, we are writing to provide them a very positive reference.

The onsite manger is doing a good job of maintaining our home, and the other team members are securing a good number of bookings for it. The income is good. (We have another home elsewhere with another manager so we do have some perspective on what it takes to be a good management company.)

Recently, a guest caused damage in our home and we were happy to see your company follow up on the matter assertively. Although it took a great deal of their time, they treated the guest courteously and, in the end, were able to secure payment for us.

We have learned that this guest has filed complaints about your company for requiring him to pay for the damage. This is unfair because the guest was clearly in the wrong, and payment was required by the Guest's contract.

On the other hand, handling the rare guest issues professionally is just another reason why smart vacation rental home managers should use a firm like yours.

We recommend their services especially when it comes to protecting and maintaining your home. – Dennis, Tacoma, WA

Manager's Response

Everyone loves the idea of owning a second home, and in raking in the rents. No doubt that is a blast for property owners. But there are lots of teeny little details that make it work well. Every now and then there is something more difficult and with our first office opening in 1964, we have seen pretty everything. So we are always ready to take charge - Ronald