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We'll definitely be staying here again!

Great house, owners, location, amenities. Be warned there are lots of stairs (but good for keeping in shape & understandable for the views and the water!). The pictures don't do it justice. They also have a walk in shower in the master bathroom that they don't show (with a seat...perfect for me this weekend as I was on crutches).

Positives - on the beach. I mean ON THE BEACH. We've been going to the 'ocean' for 40 years and this is the closest place we've ever been. The downside? My dog kept looking out the window then back at us...constantly...he wanted to know why he wasn't allowed to just go outside and run! Lots of room for people (although first floor was a little cutoff from the rest of the house & cold during February..probably a great place during the summer for older kids as they can sleep on the couches and futon). Kitchen is fully stocked with every gadget & appliance you can think of. 20 miles to Ocean Shores, 5 minute drive to Seabrook, Ocean Crest restaurant (which is excellent) is nearby (if you feel the need to go somewhere). Beds were amazingly comfortable! My husband usually complains about beds and pillows but not this weekend! Very pleasant looking house and decorated nicely! Absolutely love the blue lamp on the kitchen counter. Very 'homey' touch! Hot tub was nice (small but we're a close family). :-) Washer and dryer on 2nd floor in bedroom (didn't realize this until we were getting ready to leave and needed to start a load of towels). My dog loved the place. He's small and brought his own bed, blankets, & towels (he's spoiled & particular), but nice that a dog bed and towels are provided!

Negatives - TV on 1st floor was out (we had planned to watch the Olympics while playing pool). Owner didn't know & couldn't do anything while we we there (understandably). Top (3rd floor) only had the master bathroom so you either have to feel comfortable with those in the other bedroom coming in, or they have to go downstairs to use the bathroom. Also, pay attention to the step down when you first get to the main (2nd) floor. It was dark and my son almost didn't see it (owners have marked it with red tape-thank you!). My husband missed the step coming out of the kitchen (twice). One last thing-the family room seemed dark. We couldn't ever get enough light (it's winter so maybe that's it?).

Obviously with a rating of 5 stars the negatives are minor and more of warnings (what house is perfect?). Loved it!!
Tracy A.