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Chateau Timberline Managed by Vortex Managers

(News Item #0225, Published: 08/01/10, Author: William Victor May, )

Just a few miles outside the South East entrance to Mount Rainier National park in Washington State is the unique Chateau Timberline Hotel (ChateauTimberline.com). Built in the English half-timber style, the small property resembles a medieval inn but offers modern tower suites and hotel rooms as well as recreational vehicle spaces.

The Vortex Organization, of Seattle Washington (VortexManagers.com) has been named the lodging management firm for Chateau Timberline and taken over active marketing, operations and management of the property. Packwood Lodging Incorporated is the lessor.

Chateau Timberline has tower suites, patio rooms and modern hotel facilities. It is located 4 miles east of Packwood Washington on US Highway 12. Just 10 miles from the summit, the Chateau is the closest hotel to White Pass Washington (SkiWhitePass.com), a popular ski area, which has recently been increased in size by 2/3rds and added another 1,000 feet of vertical skiing.

"I grew up on the Coast of Washington but my friends and I drove 6 hours round trip every weekend to ski at White Pass," said William May president of the Vortex, "This way I'll get to visit often and get in some skiing at one of my favorite places - and have a great place to stay."

Packwood is located in a pristine mountain environment and very popular with travelers to Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams, sitting close to all three. The area is very popular for visitors from all over the world; a true international draw.

"Hiking and mountain climbing are big business here," notes Ron Lee, who helped update the hotel for its opening. "Not sure I can climb to Rainier's Camp Muir anymore, but thousands do every year."

Hunting and fishing are popular attractions in the area. Deer and Elk are numerous. There are many small lakes that boast sizeable trout populations.

In addition to outdoor activities, there are numerous events in the area including antique car club showings and car rallies to Packwood's unusual Memorial day and Labor Day Flea Markets.(PackwoodFleaMarkets.com)

As an unincorporated town, Packwood has no mayor, town council or chamber of commerce but beginning 30 years ago, vendors form all over the Northwest started spontaneously meeting here in an impromptu offering of art, crafts, odd ball products and just about anything imaginable.

Today' the Flea Markets has no governing body and remain largely unorganized. Yet they are one of the largest gatherings of their kind in the entire state of Washington often attracting 10,000 people per day.

To visit Chateau Timberline and Packwood events & activities call 360-494-0500 or visit (ChateauTimberline.com).

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Headquartered in Seattle, WA the Vortex Organization was started in 1999 with a single rental home and has now grown to include vacation rental and lodging properties in a dozen locations marketed through its Goldener Resorts and Sunspot Vacation Rentals Networks. For more information contact William May at 866-925-5188 or see (VortexManagers.com).