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Dick Dixon a Rare Individual and Coach

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Nov. 9 was a sad day for the May household. We lost the man who I first knew as my coach (1970-72) and later came to know as my friend. And yet even though I called him a friend and felt I was close to him, I really wasn't aware of just how much he accomplished in his life. I truly felt a sense of awe as I read through his obituary and realized just how many lives Coach Dixon touched.

There were so many activities and honors packed into his life. If I hadn't known his secret, I would think that Coach Dixon had never slept.

But, I knew his secret. He had a gift, a talent if you will. And it was a gift that he could use for any activity and bring to every occasion.

Dick Dixon was one of those rare individuals who always seemed to know the right thing to say. And more often than not, he said it with a sense of humor that warmed even the chilliest situation.

I experienced Dick’s gift many times over the years. From my days in high school when he believed in me when I really didnt believe in myself, to this past September when he was so excited to hear that my daughter, Whitney, was engaged.

I'll remember fondly our long phone conversations when I'd call to see how he was doing. Even when he was very sick, he always wanted to know about my life, my family and how I was. And I'll never forget when my young daughter Payton called him last Christmas to ask if it was OK if she named our new dog after him.

Dick didn't say yes right away. He asked Payton a number of questions about the dog and then said that he'd be honored if she named the dog Dixon.

Listening to him that night, I could hear the smile on his face, and I knew that he really did think it was an honor.

I'm going to miss you coach. The world is a better place because you were here.

And to the Dixon family, I wanted to let you know that we'll think of the coach every day. His namesake dog rules our house with a certain playful nature that Dick would really appreciate.