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Great place to stay

Great place to stay. Read moreMagreta, Tacoma, WA

A fine house with incredible views

A fine house with incredible views. We did a mid-winter trip and were treated to some wonderful storm watching from the comfort of this well equipped house. Read moreKristin, Issaquah, WA

We loved staying here

This place was really a sandcastle at the beach! Read moreCourtney, Seattle, WA

Perfect for staying with friends or family

Beautiful cottage, friendly staff. Perfect for staying with friends or family. Read moreChristopher, Rincon, GA

Great place

Great place, and might even stay there again in the future. Read moreDan, Des Moines, WA

The beach was really beautiful, clean and private

Nice view of ocean from the deck thru the trees. Read moreTheresa

We loved staying here

We loved staying here with our three young boys. Read moreKristen, Lake Forest, CA

This cottage is gorgeous

This cottage is gorgeous! While the resort itself is still under construction, it had everything we needed Read moreMaura, Philadelphia, PA

The house was beautiful

The house was beautiful, the beds were very comfortable to sleep in and the kitchen has everything needed to eat in and cook for the family instead of eating out the whole trip. Read moreNeomi, Tacoma, WA

Everything was perfect

Everything was perfect. Beds are super comfy! Read moreRebecca

This place was worth every penny

This place was worth every penny. Read moreJerome, Fed Way, WA

We really love it

This is our second time staying at the Oyhut Bay community, and we really love it! Read moreLaura, Seattle, WA

Cute, stylish, comfortable with lots of living space

Cute, stylish, comfortable with lots of living space. Read moreCurt, Coulee City, WA

Love spending time at this one home

Love spending time at this one home! The sunset are amazing!! Read moreShirley, Kent, WA

Off the Beaten Path, but Worth the Money

The 3-BR condo was beautiful, well-designed and came equipped with all the items necessary to make this vacation home feel like home. Read moreAngela, Bothell

Wonderful accommodations

Wonderful accommodations. We'd do it again. Love the forest and the seclusion. We'll always refer it as "The Forest House". Read moreVicki, Prosser, WA

Condo at Ohyhut Bay

It felt like a model home instead of someone's lived in home. Read moreNancy, Mundelein, IL

Quiet and lovely

I really loved this development. Oyhut is a new and still under construction development a few miles away from the downtown experience. Very close to a couple lakes, the bay and of course thebeach. Read moreChristopher, Carnation, WA


This is the first time we've stayed in a home rather than a hotel....we are converts. Fantastic space, comfortable beds, beautiful kitchen. The condo was clean and homey, like coming home after each day's adventure. Read moreGretchen, Moses Lake


Beautiful place - great time with my family! Read moreAmanda, XXXXX, DC

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